Provides a more active system resulting in more roots, nutrients and a healthier plant

  • Derived from natural mushroom compost
  • Increases nutrient bioavailability and uptake
  • Pollutants detoxification and enhanced cellular growth in plants
  • Works as a catalyst to mediate various enzymatic reactions needed for plant growth

ASSIST is a high concentrate of fulvic extract derived from mushroom compost. Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring bio stimulant which offers many synergistic benefits for both the plant and their growing mediums. The complex molecular structure of the product increases the metabolism of the system thus allowing greater nutrient uptake whether through the roots or the stomata’s of the leaves. In turn, the plants photosynthetic energy is raised resulting in higher carbohydrates (sugars). A more active system with ASSIST results in more roots, more nutrients and a healthier plant.

Use 2.5 to 5 ml per 1 gallon of water during all stages of plant growth and development.



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