Increases the overall health of plants and increases the potency of buds and their shelf life

  • Increases the plant root mass
  • Enhances the nitrogen fixation
  • Boosts the nutrient synthesis and mobilization
  • Works in any kind of water sources and geographic region
  • Maintains a balanced nutrient

Bio-Logic is a fully loaded biological containing aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms which are essential to all plant life. The encapsulated biologicals contained in Bio-Logic helps the roots colonize creating a strong symbiosis with the plant, speeds up natural plant metabolic functions helping the plant to increase nutrient uptake, flush salts, resist diseases, produces and store starches, and improve overall plant vitality. This combination of benefits has the potential of increasing overall health of the plant thus allowing a higher potency of buds and their shelf life.

Use 0.75 to 2.5ml per 1 gallon of water from germinating stage into flush stage.



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