Provides an excellent source of energy for important plant metabolic activities such as photosynthesis.

  • Provides a rapid seed germination and plant growth
  • Provides a Highest quality fruit
  • Enhances the root system
  • Creates an high microbial activity in the rhizosphere

CARBONATOR is a highly packed concentrate of biologicals and four simple sugars. It is known that through the natural process of photosynthesis sugar is produced but with the help of CARBONATOR. the engine of production is put into overdrive as it is able to offer the system even more sugar and energy. From germinating the seed, developing the root,, sprouting the growth, plant growth, flowering and into full maturity, each step requires a highly active level of beneficial microorganisms. By adding CARBONATOR, the bio-energy helps the system  to reach its maximum metabolic potential ensuring the plant’s highest quality, weight, aroma, and taste.

Use 0.5 to 1ml per 1 gallon of water during all stages of plant growth and development.



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