Provides a balanced nutritional supplement for the plants.

  • Has a low application rate and better results
  • Is derived from healthy sea minerals using superior nano technology
  • Has a balanced combination of nutrients to avoid antagonistic situation
  • Boosts chlorophyll formation
  • Has a rapid activation of growth promoting plant enzymes

INFUSION is a highly oxygenated ocean water containing 90 naturally occurring elements of which 76 are trace minerals. When plants receive a full buffet of minerals their ability to produce enzymes rise, resulting in healthier more robust plants. Along with raising enzyme levels, ocean minerals can also increase overall vitamin content in plant biomass and buds. A strong diet of Infusion can reduce insect and disease pressure, excel plant maturation, and increase overall plant production. This product is the closest option to providing plants a balanced nutritional supplement.

Use 2.5 to 5 ml per 1 gallon of water during all stages of plant growth and development.



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