Silmax EZ

Silmax EX has the highest plant useable silicon on market today.

  • Increases the nutrient availability to the plant
  • Acts as a protective layer to fight against any abiotic stresses
  • Maintains plant and microbial integrity

Silmax EZ is a product containing potassium silicate boosted with the finest plant enzymes. Together these components have the ability to strengthen cell walls and be a source of “plant available” silica as well as activate chemical processes within the plant. All aspects of plant structure (i.e. stems, leaves, flowers) are influenced by cell strength and one of the most influential components to achieve this is silica. However, not any silica will work. While nearly 10°4 of a plant is made up of silica, when applying silica, it must be in the proper “plant-availa- ble” form. Silmax EZ has the highest plant usable silicon on the market to date. Matched with the purest of plant enzymes, it is an added benefit to any cannabis operation.

Use 0.5 to 2 ml per 1 gallon of water during clone stage up to 7 days prior to end of flower stage.



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