Kannavox additives supplement a strong nutrient feeding program. Each product plays a strategic role in plant development from building root mass, energizing the plant, increasing conductivity, expanding plant girth, and supplying essential minerals.

All products are available in: Quart – 1 Gallon 


ASSIST is a high concentrate of fulvic acid extract derived from mushroom compost. Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring biostimulant which oers synergistic benefits for both the plant and their growing mediums. The complex molecular structure of the product increases the metabolism and conductivity of the system. In turn, the plants photosynthetic energy is raised resulting in higher carbohydrates (sugars). A more active system results in more roots, more nutrients, and a healthier plant.


CARBONATOR is a highly packed concentrate of biologicals and four simple sugars. It’s known that through the natural process of photosynthesis sugar is produced but with the help of CARBONATOR the engine of production is put into overdrive as its able to oer the system even more sugar and energy. From the germination of the seed to root development to sprout growth, plant growth, flowering and into full maturity, each step requires a highly active level of beneficial microorganisms. By adding CARBONATOR, the microorganisms help the system reach its maximum metabolic potential ensuring the highest quality, weight, aroma, and taste.


SILMAX EZ is a liquid product containing potassium silicate boosted with the finest plant enzymes. Together these components have the ability to strengthen cell walls, be a source of “plant available” silica as well as activate chemical processes within the plant. All aspects of plant structure (i.e. stems, leaves, flowers) are influenced by cell strength and one of the most influential components to achieve this is silica. However, not any silica will work. While nearly 10% of a plant is made up of silica, when applying silica, it must be in the proper “plant-available” form. SILMAX EZ has the highest plant usable silicon on the market to date. Matched with the purest of plant enzymes, it is an added benefit to any cannabis operation.


INFUSION is a highly concentrated ocean water containing 90 naturally occurring elements of which 76 are trace minerals. When plants receive a full buet of minerals, their ability to produce enzymes rise, resulting in healthier, more robust plants. Along with raising enzyme levels, ocean minerals can increase overall vitamin content in plant biomass and buds. A strong diet of INFUSION can reduce insect and disease pressure, excel plant maturation, and increase overall plant production. This product is the closest option for providing plants a balanced nutritional supplement.