Kannavox roots products contain the purest beneficial microbial inoculants. Working in symbiosis with the plants, the encapsulated microbes inoculate the roots so each root tip becomes more active. These product assets have the potential of increasing overall health of the plant, thus allowing a more proficient cannabinoid content and profile.

Available In: Pint – Quart – Gallon


BIO-LOGIC is a fully loaded biological containing aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms which are essential to all plant life. The encapsulated biologicals contained in BIO-LOGIC help the roots colonize creating a strong symbiosis with the plant, speeding up natural plant metabolic functions helping the plant to; increase nutrient uptake, flush salts, resist diseases, produce and store starches, and improve overall plant vitality. These combination of benefits have the potential of increasing overall health of the plant thus allowing a higher potency of buds and their shelf life.